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About us

Goodwill Caravan is non-profit Humanitarian Charity that covers refugee protection projects  including  shelter, food, legal and medical support. Registered in U.K and Greece.

We help vulnerable refugee families, orphans, detained unaccompanied children at risk of organ trade, trafficking and kidnappings if left in detention centres, prisons or homeless on arrival to the Greek islands, we also conduct homeless aid distributions to help local populations including Greek nationals. 

Goodwill Caravan supports hundreds of refugees in our shelter projects for vulnerable refugee families. We run sustainable educational and production projects. Our refugee aid trips continue and we monitor families from UK and have people on the ground from several organisations who work hand in hand for continuity of care.

Many remote camps are unsafe for children/ vulnerable families with snakes, wild boars, scorpions, and reports of kidnappings. This undeniable need created our temporary housing project in Greece.

Once Goodwill Caravan adopt a vulnerable family's case file we do not leave them until they are safely handed over to UNHCR housing or are legally flown out of Greece with the 'Family Relocation Program', to be reunited with family members in Europe etc.

Goodwill Caravan look after the families we support, and help enable and empower them to learn skills to help them be functional members of society in Greece or the countries they are relocated to.

Our Ethos: Goodwill Caravan operate under moral compass that is driven by passion, belief in humanity and love for all. We have zero tolerance for discrimination and choose our volunteers based on these values.


*Assess/Identify vulnerable refugee families i.e 

pregnant women, babies/ children, disabled families living on streets or camps where children may be at risk.

*Provide temporary accommodation /food/water/free medical access

*Legal Support.

* Support with Integration & facilitate access to free language classes

*Refugee accessories project to teach children and mothers in our temp housing project new skills and teach them a trade to help empower them to help themselves, and help raise funds through sales for their rent/food (more sustainable).


Find out more

Goodwill Caravan U.K Charity Reg. 1176314 49-51 East Street, N1 6AH, London, U.K 

London Office: Goodwill Caravan 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH, U.K

Athens Office: 66 Psaron Street, Corner of Metaxa & Psaron, 104 39, Athens

Enquiries Tel: 00447932573108 


Facebook: /



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Goodwill Caravan is fundraising towards

Goodwill Caravan Emergency Medical Aid

The most vulnerable refugees many of them children are placed on waiting lists for up to a year and more due to Greece bing overwhelmed being one of the main gateways to the global refugee crisis. Goodwill Caravan support children that need life saving procedures and operations if they have ...

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Goodwill Caravan House in memory of Sarrah Sallam

Goodwill Caravan are consolidating all our smaller shelters into one building. Launch March 2019, We need 15,000 to refurbish the building. Building will provide following services: Legal Aid/ Court Appeals Information Point for Refugees Psychological/Psychosocial Support Educational Classes (Language/ I.T) Children's Creche Integration/Skills Learning ...

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Sarrah Sallam Flowers for Refugees

Sarrah Sallam was a pillar of Goodwill Caravan and a friend. A beautiful sould that helped others with every ounce of energy she didn't have despite how much pain she was in and her long battle with cancer. An angelic beautiful soul that was a sterling example of ...

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