Emergency Temporary Housing Project

Emergency Temporary Housing Project



  • £8,000 Target
  • £1,161 Raised
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Conduct risk assessments in camps/squats around Greece to identify vulnerable refugee families. Provide emergency housing, food allowance, medical and legal aid until their asylum process is complete. Housing can be from 3 months to 14 months in duration depending on the families asylum claim process.


Provide families with taxi fares for families to the airport.

Clear all debt families owe locally before they fly out

Give the mothers a small allowance for food at the airport and the first few weeks in the new country where they have travelled to for asylum.

There is a continuity of care from first contact until they are safely reunited with family members in Europe and beyond.

Goodwill Caravan

Goodwill Caravan

A team of humanitarian volunteers based between the UK and Greece. Between us, we have volunteered with refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Hungary, Serbia, Palestine, Calais, Lesvos and Greece. Many remote camps are unsafe for children/ vulnerable families with snakes, wild boars, scorpions, and reports of kidnappings. This undeniable need created ... Read More